Environment, sports, food and wine, along with the bike race Granfondo Vernaccia di San Gimignano!

The Vernaccia and  San Gimignano are increasingly a winning combination not only for passionate lovers of good wine and typical products, but also for lovers of the sport of cycling, especially  in the “city of a hundred spiers” which celebrates,every year, one of the highlights of the Italian cycling calendar and beyond.

Granfondo Vernaccia
Granfondo Vernaccia San Gimignano

The prestigious GranFondo della Vernaccia in San Gimignano started  17 years ago, crossing national borders in importance also boasts membership of nothing less than the UNESCO Cycling Tour,of which Sunday, May 12, 2013 in San Gimignano opens the calendar, assigning the first test with a breath of fresh air about  selected paths,  renewed than in previous editions with the inclusion of new short but challenging climbs.

Not to be missed the occasion to appreciate once more the scenic beauty of the San Gimignano area, as well as to enjoy a holiday in Tuscany in sport and food! The 17th “Granfondo della Vernaccia”  on 12 May 2013,  will be a big party for about 2,000  expected cyclists at the start and for the even more numerous group of carers, relatives and friends.

Partenza Granfondo della Vernaccia
Starting Granfondo della Vernaccia

With meeting at the Palace already from 6:30 in the morning, the city of a hundred towers will be filled with a large multicolored group which then will be dispersed along the route of the “GranFondo della Vernaccia”, departing  from the squares of the old town starting at 8am as per “French style”.

The fittest ones, will face  the GranFondo route of 161 kilometers, “rolled out” on the beautiful Sienese hills of the Elsa Valley inland from San Gimignano, in addition to which the organizers of the Association  San Gimignano Amateurs have also prepared two paths mileage by more “modest” , with 116 and 72 km respectively for Middle-Distance and Short path.  There’s also an opportunity  for those who simply want to take a quiet ride, thanks to the “Slow Bike” starting at 9.30. For whom instead will remain in San Gimignano awaiting the return of competitors without jumping on the saddle, will certainly not will  be bored, indeed! The historical center of the medieval village offers thousands of opportunities  and endless ideas to unleash a sea of ​​interests and initiatives of entertainment, from visiting museums and monuments to shopping and, of course , taking advantage of the irresistible offer of a great restaurant in San Gimignano where you can taste the best typical Tuscan cuisine!

Enjoying  the beauty of the Tuscan landscape as well as  engaging in healthy sports activities without the hassle of competitive are the main characteristic features of the Gran Fondo of Vernaccia, which offers cyclists and their carers an interesting starting point for a vacation in a hotel in San Gimignano . Anyone wishing to register for the GranFondo can also do it on the spot until the day of Saturday, May 11: even more, a good reason to book a weekend in San Gimignano!