Tuscany and San Gimignano, land of wildboars

The passion for the game in its various meanings , from the more purely hobby related to hunting to the most tasty side that led to the palate  products and typical dishes of the local gastronomy, has always found in the Tuscan an ideal area in which express themselves. In addition to the custodian of a rich historical – cultural world famous for landscapes and architectural excellence unsurpassed as the cities of Florence , Siena and San Gimignano , Tuscany is in fact known as “the land of wild boars

cinghiale nei boschi di san gimignano

Stocky but extremely fast movements, the wild boar – scientifically identified as Sus scrofa – is an artiodactyl mammal native to the North African and Eurasian territories , from where it is then extended a bit ‘ all over the world, including Italy where  crossbreed through a number of interventions that followed the repopulation of endangered. Featuring 44 teeth ( including sharp canines represented by the characteristics tusks) and a long snout conical, is absolutely one of the most feared wild animals in our country.

Spread a bit ‘ all over the country with the exception of alpine peaks preferring the territories of the Apennines , the most populous among ungulates in Italy,  finds  in this region  one of its favorite habitat in which to grow and reproduce at full speed, without saving uncomfortable implications associated with overcrowding in relation to the delicate balance of nature and environmental issues as well as the risk , not too remote,  to a close encounter with motorists .This aspect of the supernumerary itself justify the frequency of hunting wild boar that characterize much of the Tuscan hunting calendar

salumi cinghialeTo all this is added , of course , the taste , which makes the game a refined product , which is enhanced to perfection in some traditional .Tuscan cuisine.
In the heart of Val d’Elsa , the medieval village of San Gimignano , in particular, is one of the best places to taste wild boar sausages and tasty recipes such as pappardelle with wild boar or wild boar stew and stewed with olives. . First and second courses, accompanied by sausage and wild boar sausages, are the highest exaltation, providing a good starting point for a vacation in San Gimignano, full of taste and the typical food and wine. pappardelle al cinghiale

For lovers of the gamey taste, San Gimignano is the ideal place to go in search of delicacies in the many shops specializing in the production and marketing of meat and wild boar sausages, as well as souvenirs inspired by the figure of this dreaded and fascinating inhabitant of the territory.