Are you planning to organize a new family vacation? What could be better than visiting Tuscany? Beauty, history, nature, attractions and comfortable accommodations are waiting for parents and children to make them spend unforgettable moments.

Remember: Tuscany is not beautiful only during the summer period. In fact, apart from the beautiful beaches of the coast, there are many other attractions and activities such as, for example, visiting one of the many cities full of history or one of the many museums.

hotel storico a san Gimignano
Piazza Duomo in San Gimignano

Visiting San Gimignano, in particular, will allow you to touch an old history that has left visible traces in our and in your present. All this is not just for the attention of adults but also for children!

The Towers, the historic center and the Via Francigena

Have you chosen your hotel in San Gimignano and now you don’t know what activities to do with your children? Get out immediately to discover the Towers!

San Gimignano had 72 of them but to date only 14 remain: don’t waste your time and discover these towers that survived the incessant flow of time. A relaxing and fascinating walk just outside the city walls will lead you to the discovery of particularities and legends that will amaze young and old

After visiting the Towers, enter the historic center.
Look at the squares, the Duomo, the Rocca, the small shops of local artisans: enter each one of them and let even the youngest ones experience a part of history and tradition long gone.

In case you still have energies, you just need to take a long and relaxing walk along the Via Francigena. The walk starts from Piazza della Cisterna and winds for over 32 km along the Tuscan countryside but you certainly don’t have to go all the way: it’s up to you to choose how much time to dedicate and how to explain its history and importance to children!

San Gimignano 1300

Visiting San Gimignano as it was in the distant 1300s is possible by seeing the reconstruction of the city, on a 1: 100 scale, in an exhibition space of about 27 square meters inside the historic center.

This small but faithful attraction will surely fascinate both children and adults and will pleasantly occupy the precious time of your day.

Taste the typical products

To finish the day, before returning to the hotel, don’t miss the opportunity to taste the typical Tuscan products

Enter one of the many restaurants in the area and let your children experience the goodness of local cold cuts and cheeses, typical dishes and timeless desserts. The grown-ups just have to add a good Tuscan red wine and the holiday is done!


Tuscany is full of food delicacies! 
Have you not yet been able to visit San Gimignano and Tuscany? Don’t waste any more time and book yours
holiday: you will have the opportunity to observe corners of uncontaminated nature, remains of a very distant history,
handcrafted marvels typical of the place and to taste delicious Tuscan dishes.
In fact, there is not a single person who has visited this region  and once back home he declared himself dissatisfied with the cousine
This person can not exist because Tuscan cuisine is synonymous with delicacy, refinement, and care love of detail: all this can only give a pleasant and traditional taste to the dish!
Let’s see together which are the most characteristic foods of San Gimignano.

vernaccia san gimignanoThe wine

Have you decided to visit San Gimignano? Then you can’t help but taste its most famous wine:  Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a dry and full-bodied white wine with a bitter aftertaste, which became DOC in the
There are documents that confirm the presence of one of his products even as far back as the 13th century being the vines scattered in the neighboring territories, such as: Vernazza, Corniglia but also in Lombardy and Calabria.
It has always matched perfectly with first courses and light appetizers or fish dishes: what are you waiting for trying it?


During your visit and your overnight stay in a hotel in San Gimignano you cannot avoid tasting also saffron.
This spice, known since ancient times, today has a protected designation: its production and therefore marketing is documented in San Gimignano as far back as the thirteenth century.
Among the many uses of saffron, the one associated with painting, the medical field and stand out pharmaceutical and last but not least to the kitchen, to garnish and give flavor to many typical dishes.

The olive oil

Let’s not forget the extra virgin olive oil of San Gimignano: cultivated and worked very well by local companies, which have made it famous and with an unmistakable taste.
How not to recognize his presence raw on Tuscan soups, such as ribollita or pappa al
How not to appreciate a simple bruschetta garnished with this typical condiment?

Cold cuts

Are you about to finish your visit to San Gimignano? Don’t forget to taste one of the typical salamis of the place like, for example: the Tuscan ham DOP, the finocchiona, the Tuscan salami, the salsiccioli, the cinta Sienese or Buristo.
Each has an extremely particular and typical taste and goes very well with a piece of cheese
of the area: the pecorino, both fresh and seasoned, can certainly not have rivals!

In short, visiting San Gimignano turns out to be a pleasant experience even for one’s palate:
mushrooms, truffles, spices, meats, cheeses, condiments and fine wines will do nothing but make it even more perfect your vacation! See all hotel offers in San Gimignano