iSculpture: the first Art Gallery of Italian Contemporary Sculpture

San Gimignano gallery of Italian Sculpture
San Gimignano welcomes iSculpture, the first art gallery featuring exclusively Italian contemporary art and sculpture!
The Arts and Crafts center San Gimignano 1300, one of the main and most appreciated attractions of this charming Tuscan town, is the special setting for this unique art exhibition. San Gimignano 1300 is a very special museum, a fascinating journey back in time, thanks to the faithful reproduction of the village as it existed during the Middle Ages, at the beginning of the 14th century. The itinerary of the museum has been conceived to arouse emotions in the visitors and tell the history of San Gimignano during the period of its maximum development and splendor.Continue Reading

Slow travelling to San Gimignano

In the age of mass tourism there is a special charm in finding the pace and the extent to slide within our sensations, slow down and listen to find that small is not only beautiful but that proposes itself as another way to travel more rewarding.

hotel storico a san Gimignano
Piazza del duomo a San Gimignano


A boutique hotel in San Gimignano is the right choice for those who choose to travel individually, preferring the thrill of waking up in the morning in a historic home and enjoy the charm of intimacy, of human relationships personal and authentic.