Cycling: San Gimignano stage of the heroic “Randonnée between Sagrantino and Vernaccia”

Tuscany is known to be a land dedicated to the tradition of great biking, always supported by a genuine passion for the sport of two-wheelers, renowned to have been the place of birth of famous bicyclists such like Gino Bartali and Fiorenzo Magni, Gastone Nencini and Franco Bitossi as well as charismatic personalities such as the multi-titled coach Blue Martini Alfredo and his successor Franco Ballerini. randonnée vernaccia 2
As further confirmation, a new exciting event looms on the horizon on the weekend of 9 and 10 March 2013, bringing back the great cycling in San Gimignano and Siena, with a program that conveys the atmosphere of a truly heroic cycling of the past. Continue Reading

Great jazz a San Gimignano!

It ‘s been almost a month since the night of June 30 but the bright memory of the excellent jazz enjoyed in the square of St. Augustine in San Gimignano is still alive!
Max Gazzè on bass and vocals, Rita Marcotulli piano and Roberto Gatto on drums have been a fascinating experiment, and of great quality!jazz a san gimignano toscanaContinue Reading