The typical Tuscan sweets

Tuscany is not only a land full of history and beautiful landscapes. It is famous for its excellent cuisine which is characterized by the production of sweets in these areas too. The bakery is an ancient art but some recipes also be easily replicated in your kitchen.Continue Reading

Learn about Cinta senese

Cinta_SeneseThe Cinta Senese pork is a characteristic breed of these areas of Tuscany. It immediately stands out for its distinctive mantle: dark with a white band encircling the trunk of the animal, just below the shoulders. Its origin is very old and the animals of this species were already bred during the times of the Etruscan domination in these areas.Continue Reading

Acquacotta: a traditional tuscan recipe


Tuscan recipes :  acquacottaricetta acquacotta

Like all Italian regional recipes, even the acquacotta has experienced numerous variants over time. What we are proposing today is one of the many recipes for the acquacotta that have been handed down from the oldest generations of these areas. This dish was usually eaten by shepherds and those who took care of the cattle in the countryside: it was a simple dish and served as a main dish.Continue Reading