San Gimignano, the city with two Patron Saint

On 4 August 2013, the tribute of the city to Santa Fina

Santa FinaFor those who likes to recall evocations of the past, through events of historical representations or diving directly into the “rituality” of certain events that renewing while maintaining almost unchanged the magical atmosphere of the past, the cultural heritage of medieval Tuscany offers many events not to miss in San Gimignano!

This town, authentic architectural jewel set on the magnificent hills overlooking the Val d’Elsa, presents a calendar of events particularly wide and varied able to capture the interest of every visitor, with events ranging from music to theater, street arts, food and wine and historical re-enactments, and with many events that still bind to double strand the “city of a hundred spiers” to the extraordinary medieval essence.

Among the most important attractions in San Gimignano is one of the other rather singular that he sees the city of Siena holder of two patrons to celebrate, San Gimignano and Santa Fina (January 31 and March 12), in a double event which gives rise to important historical re-enactments and tourist attraction

La casa natale di Santa Fina a San Gimignano

This year celebrating as the 775th anniversary of the birth of Fina Ciardi,who while still a girl, was afflicted with a severe illness and chose to spend the rest of her dayslying on a wooden board. At the moment of her death,yellow violas blossomed from the board. On 4 August 2013, the city and all the inhabitants of San Gimignano pay her homage celebrating the Feast of Santa Fina, reminiscent extraordinary event during which the urn will be on display at the Cathedral.
To Santa Fina is also dedicated the homonymous chapel of the Cathedral of San Gimignano frescoes by Ghirlandaioin the fifteenth century.

 Santa Fina Chapel Ghirlandaio nel Duomo di San Gimignano
Cappella di Santa Fina Ghirlandaio nel Duomo di San Gimignano

The history and celebrations related to Santa Fina, represent a good starting point to enjoy a
holiday in San Gimignano , even better if in a hotel with modern amenities in a
tuscan historic residence.