It’s Time for Olive Oil and White Truffles

November is the month for olive harvest!
Extra Virginia olive oil is a typical product of Tuscany, a precious organic element, at the base of our great culinary tradition.
The use of genuine and fresh extra-virgin olive oil is essential and fundamental for every Tuscan meal.
Olive groves are typical of the lovely Tuscan landscape, that, in November, is characterized by beautiful and contrasting Autumnal colors.

Everywhere in Tuscany countrymen have been working in the fields to pick up olives so to make the first new exquisite extra-virgin olive oil. That’s an intensive activity!
A wide net blanket is set one at a time under each olive tree, and the olives are patiently raked by hand and thrown down on the net to be collected.

Olives are later put in small open crates, in a dry area awaiting for the pressing which must be done within 24 hours from the collection, so to have a fresh and first quality product.

The freshly pressed olive oil is not clear as the one most people buy in supermarkets, but has a darker green colour, is dense, and extremely tasty. Definitely fresh and authentic!

The great properties of olive oil were known even in ancient Egypt; oil was used not only as a tasty food but also for its healthy characteristics. In ancient Rome, massages with olive oil were considered reinvigorating and oil has always been used as an excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory remedy for skin problems. Being particularly rich in vitamins contrasting skin aging and diseases, Tuscan oil has so a large use also in cosmetics.

The oil produced on the beautiful hills of San Gimignano is of the greatest quality.

Thanks to its excellent geographical position, the organic composition of the soil, the weather and its scenic secular trees, San Gimignano produces one of the best qualities of extra-virgin olive oil. Its unique perfume and strong taste are at their best with a slice of our wonderful and fragrant Tuscan bread!

San Gimignano is in fact renowned not only for its medieval towers and lovely surroundings, but also for its traditional gastronomic products, all healthy and genuine; like the saffron, the extra-virgin olive oil, and the fantastic Vernaccia of San Gimignano white wine.

“De excellentia olei” is the annual fair market dedicated to San Gimignano’s extra-virgin olive oil, to take place also this forthcoming December.Take note and don’t miss this greedy manifestation, a whole fair dedicated to the delicious local products of the area.

Do come to San Gimignano and take advantage of our winter special offers at Hotel L’Antico Pozzo in San Gimignano’s medieval center.

November is also the month for white truffles, rare underground mushrooms that can be found half a meter deep in the soil, near streams and in woods. In order to find them, from October to early December, smart trained dogs are used. White truffles are very precious since they can be found only two months a year, they have a very special flavour and a very strong and penetrating smell.The most important area to find white truffles is in central Tuscany, especially on the hills of San Miniato, a nice village near San Gimignano.

Many lively festivals are dedicated to the truffle, like the famous National White Truffle Market Exhibition of San Miniato, and the White Truffle Exhibition of the Crete Senesi in San Giovanni d’Asso, both taking place in November.

White Truffles are used to make superb and savory dishes, especially with pasta or meat. You can taste many tasty specialties with white truffle in the best restaurants of Tuscany!

A further reason to have a holiday in San Gimignano: art, culture and, of course, great local food!