Learn about Cinta senese

Cinta_SeneseThe Cinta Senese pork is a characteristic breed of these areas of Tuscany. It immediately stands out for its distinctive mantle: dark with a white band encircling the trunk of the animal, just below the shoulders. Its origin is very old and the animals of this species were already bred during the times of the Etruscan domination in these areas.

The characteristics of the Cinta Senese

The area where the Cinta Senese pig is bred is “the Montagnola Senese” which is also the area where they are produced and distributed all derivative products. Even today, the breeding of this species of pigs is done in the wild or semi-wild state. cinta-senese-maiale

 The animals feed primarily on acorns which this area of Tuscany is particularly rich due to the presence of a high number of evergreen oaks. In some farms their diet is supplemented with natural feeds based on legumes and grains.

This kind of natural breeding ensures a better quality of the meat which is more succulent compared to the other. Even the concentration of fat is better: rich in unsaturated fats, Omega 3, Omega 6, oleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
cinta-senese-allevamento The male has an average weight of 300 kg, while the female, named sow, is slightly smaller and reaches a weight of about 250 kg.

I prodotti di Cinta senese

The meat of this species of pigs are eaten raw or as cold cuts and sausages, with the addition of spices and herbs which are naturally enhanced by this type of meat.

Porchetta, Tuscan ham, shoulder, sausage, capocollo are some of the products that are made with the Cinta Senese. A delicious cured meat is  finocchiona, a salami with fennel and natural flavors  especially tasty and flavorful.

bistecca-cinta-senese Great products that are usually made ​​with these meats are also lard and bacon, often used in traditional recipes of this area. To cut steaks, be enjoyed grilled, sirloin is usually used, ensuring a distinctive flavor and a tenderness difficult to achieve with other parts of the animal.

Before returning home, after your stay in San Gimignano, make sure you bring with you some products from  this particular swine. It is characteristic of this area of ​​Tuscany, and once at home, you can enjoy again the particular flavors discovered during your trip.