Medieval cuisine , ancient basis of current typical Tuscan recipes

cucina medievale Many recipes that we enjoy today as an expression of the best Tuscan cuisine are often dating back to old times and the medieval kitchen.

Pleasantly involved in the recent event ” Middle Ages in the fortress” that within the walls of the fortress of Montestaffoli, proposed to tourists and visitors spaces dedicated to typical local products, the village of San Gimignano is the ideal setting to taste the main Tuscan dishes, that were strengthened during the ancient times when the territory of the Tuscan villages lived heyday.

Medieval kitchen was essentially based on very simple dishes, sometimes heavily spiced with pepper or ginger, but at the same time  searching and  testing  combinations of flavors and colors, in an attempt to obtain from the food the greatest degree of satisfaction possible and therefore an important first  step to introduce the concept of “pleasure of the board.”
It consisted of dishes taste undoubtedly rustic and very tasty further “reinforced” by the basic processes of food preservation such as salting, smoking or brine

On the tables medieval, the main staple were cereals, with the first “ancestors” of today’s bread consisting of porridge oats and polenta, followed by vegetables and meat (especially pork and chicken), however, reserved almost exclusively to the most wealthy, being particularly expensive. Sugar and honey, almonds – also used as a thickener in soups – were abundant along with the wine,  widespread equally on the tables of noble banquets rather than those of the poor.cucinamedievale2

Thanks also to the revisitations proposed as part of the main historical reenactment festival, the medieval kitchen today receives a lot of interest from lovers of gastronomic and cultural history , as evidenced by the next event organized for the October 7, 2013 by Eataly Roma with a genuine medieval dinner with Vernaccia di San Gimignano as wine pairing.

Precisely the city of a hundred towers, with its authentic village where you will find comfortable hotels in medieval style as hotels in historical residence in San Gimignano, is the best place in which to delve deeper taste the flavors of the Middle Ages, today revisited in the specialties of Tuscan cuisine.