The typical Tuscan sweets

Tuscany is not only a land full of history and beautiful landscapes. It is famous for its excellent cuisine which is characterized by the production of sweets in these areas too. The bakery is an ancient art but some recipes also be easily replicated in your kitchen.


 The cantucci are a sweet biscuit shaped usually used after a meal to accompany the excellent Vin Santo. The mixture of these cookies is formed from flour, butter, egg, sugar and almond and the recipe is characterized by a double cooking. For one thing you cook a entire loaf of dough, immediately after you cut it into small pieces and cook them again to make them take the right consistency.


Castagnaccio toscanocastagnaccio-toscano

The castagnaccio is a typical cake from Tuscany, is a kind of flat bread, made with from chestnut flour. Typical of autumn, you can still do all year round and is very simple to implement. The dough is often enriched with walnuts, pine nuts, raisins and rosemary that give it a special taste. Given the particular flavor of chestnut flour, this cake is made without adding sugar.


Panpepato o panforte

panforte-panpepatoSIf you love strong flavors this is the cake for you. Panforte is a typical dessert of Christmas in the area of Siena. In his dough the ingredients are many: we start from dried and candied fruit to get to the spices (pepper, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon ..) that give flavor to this delicious typical Tuscan cake. It is usually made in two variants: one white and one dark made ​​with the addition of cocoa.



Ricciarelli-from-SienaRicciarelli are probably the most famous sweet of the city of Siena. They have taken the IGP label namely the protected denomination of origin that links them inseparably to the Tuscan territory where they were created. They are diamond-shaped cookies made ​​with almonds, sugar and egg white. From these ingredients is formed a kind of marzipan with which you produce these delicious cookies.



Schiacciata alla fiorentinaschiacciata-alla-fiorentina

The “schiacciata alla fiorentina” is a super soft cake made ​​with simple, natural ingredients. Free from butterhowever uses the excellent olive oil to these lands. Its main feature is the symbol of the the Florentine lily made ​​with cocoa and a from a special mold. It a typical dessert of the Carnival period.