Travel back to the Middle Ages in San Gimignano

San Gimignano picture Among the most beautiful towns of Italy, appraised for the ancient and still intact urban layout and dotted with many of its famous “hundred towers” which make it unique and unmistakable, the town of San Gimignano is the ideal place to experience an exciting medieval festival in Tuscany.

Between towers, ancient walls, fortresses, alleys and gates to the old city center, San Gimignanois a perfect natural setting to relive the emotions and splendour of this historical town which was an important center of transit and stop along the Via Francigena throughout the Middle Ages.

A fortiori, visiting San Gimignano is an opportunity not to be missed in conjunction with celebrations such as the Feast of Santa Fina 2013, a day of celebration for the annually venerated figure of the patron saint of the town.

Santa Fina patrona di san Gimignano

Why not taking advantage of this event to treat yourself to a stay in one of the most beautiful historical hotel and residences in San Gimignano?

You will be taken back in time to 1253 to relive the charm of that year when the young blessed Fina Ciardi died, thanks to a rich program of events including a visit to her family home and a medieval show of theTuscany tradition performed by the Historic Association of the Knights of Santa Fina.

The calendar of major events of medieval Tuscany in San Gimignano then continues the third weekend in June with the traditional “Harvest Holidays.”

For all lovers of history, folklore, traditions and emotions, the Feast of Saint Fina is the first big chance in 2013 to spend a nice holiday in a 3-star hotel in San Gimignano between history and modern comfort.