The truffle on our tables
The truffle is an excellent versatile ingredient and appreciated by most palates, able to garnish many types of dishes of our Italian cuisine and also, in this case, of the Tuscan one.
Coming to visit San Gimignano, in fact, in addition to the many cultural experiences that you can do, you will also be able to taste succulent menus of our tradition, sometimes garnished with the inevitable truffle.
You may be wondering why Tuscany loves this ingredient so much. Well the answer is simple: in this region it is possible to get more than 25% of the national truffle production every year and this is why it has become a fundamental and characteristic element of our cuisine.

White or black it doesn’t matter: in Tuscany there are many typical and tasty dishes sometimes enhanced by one and other times by the other type without distinction of any kind.
If you have booked your stay in San Gimignano during the autumn months you will not be able to avoid tasting some dishes of this type and attending events and truffle festivals in person.
Here are the best truffle festivals in Tuscany
Among the many manifestations of this kind we can remember the most important:
In Volterra Volterragusto returns every October and November, an event entirely dedicated to the local white truffle.
In San Giovanni d’Asso every November you can attend the White Truffle Market Exhibition in the Creste Senesi.
In San Miniato, for as many as 3 consecutive weekends during the month of November, it will be possible to attend the National White Truffle Market Exhibition, with over 120 exhibitors who will present the best Italian and Tuscan gastronomic excellences, also using precisely the truffle.
If you intend to visit San Gimignano, don’t forget these appointments. In addition to being able to savor new, traditional and truffled flavors in one of the many quality restaurants in the historic center, you can reach some villages or neighboring towns to attend one of the festivals aimed precisely at truffles.
Also remember that the truffle and consequently any dish enriched with this ingredient will reach perfection even more if accompanied by a traditional wine from San Gimignano or anyway from Tuscany.
Obviously, in addition to these interesting experiences you can plan many other activities such as, for example, a walk in the historic center, around the towers, a visit to the civic museums or in one of the many craft shops that survived the passing of time.