Ferie Messium, the medieval festival in San Gimignano

Even this year, San Gimignano is preparing to “Ferie Messium”, the famous medieval festival which saw its first performance back in 1994 with the aim to celebrate and relive the historic events of the medieval period. ferie-delle-messi-san-gimignanoExcellent opportunity for those who choose to come  to San Gimignano ,which will be decked out with banners and flags with the colors of the four factions of the city center. Like every year, they will participate to the celebrations of the feast of the Patron Saint and propitiatory rites for the harvesting period, the traditional “Ferie Messium”, which in the middle age was the opportunity to have fun with dances, songs, games and fighting on horseback.

For this 2012, the event medieval town of San Gimignano, opens Friday, June 15 with a theme dedicated to love with reference tothe reknown Renaissance song “Beauty that holds my life,” which tells the love of a young man for his beloved and his impossibility to get away from her, so strong was the attraction that he felt. Immediate reference to the town of San Gimignano, which as a beautiful girl seduces and catch those who know her, by binding in a profound and indissoluble heart and soul..san-gimignano-piazza-cisterna

“Waiting for a new day of Love” is therefore the leitmotif opening this year on Friday 15 June, from 21.30 to 23 in Piazza Duomo, with the participation of Meersburg Drums, Drum Group of San Gimignano, of ‘ Middle Ages and Dance Ensemble of the Company at Arms of the Rock of Montestaffoli.

On the following day, Saturday, July 16, from 16.30 to 22.00, in San Gimignano’s most famous areas which are Piazza del Duomo, Rock of Montestaffoli and Piazza delle Erbe, will take place games, rides and races, where the four factions will contest the victory.

cavaliere-ferie-delle-messi-san-gimignano From 17.00 in the Piazza delle Erbe, the antique market will offer memories of the former times. The all-day of Sunday, June 17 will see the whole town parades, processions, flag-bearers, rituals and rides from 11.00 to 19.30, time the festival will get close to its end with a dance round dance between the set and the public because if love is infinite, its symbol is the circle, as expressed by Jacopone … “Love, love, You are a round circle. “Before the closing dance, in Piazza del Duomo at 19.00, we will see the delivery of the Golden Sword from the hands of the mayor to the winner of the Tournament of Wands.

Download schedule of all events of “Ferie Messium” !

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