Free wi-fi in San Gimignano!

free wi-fi gratis a San Gimignano
free internet connection in the historic center of San Gimignano

Great news for all lovers of the World Wide Web! For the new season the historical centre of San Gimignano will be covered by a free internet network open to all residents and tourists, who will be able to access the web without using a password. The free Wi-Fi service is a great initiative made possible by the Comune of San Gimignano

The service was activated on February 20th and is provided by the Consorzio Terrecablate with some limitations to ensure an adequate performance for every user. More in detail, the user connecting to the network will be able to navigate freely for a total of 60 minutes within the 24 hour period with a maximum limit of 300 Mb download per day, whereas traffic is unlimited for the navigation on some institutional or news websites.

Free Wi-Fi in San Gimignano is part of a wider and more organic project implemented by the Provincia di Siena called “Terre di Siena Wi-Fi”. This important initiative of the Comune di San Gimignano is supported also by the hotels located in the city’s historical centre with the free wi-fi service provided to all their guests. Enjoy your free ride everybody!

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