iSculpture: the first Art Gallery of Italian Contemporary Sculpture

San Gimignano gallery of Italian Sculpture
San Gimignano welcomes iSculpture, the first art gallery featuring exclusively Italian contemporary art and sculpture!
The Arts and Crafts center San Gimignano 1300, one of the main and most appreciated attractions of this charming Tuscan town, is the special setting for this unique art exhibition. San Gimignano 1300 is a very special museum, a fascinating journey back in time, thanks to the faithful reproduction of the village as it existed during the Middle Ages, at the beginning of the 14th century. The itinerary of the museum has been conceived to arouse emotions in the visitors and tell the history of San Gimignano during the period of its maximum development and splendor.
That’s a true photograph of the past depicting the famous towers, the palaces, the little squares, the workshops, the charming alleys, and the people at work in the streets.
San Gimignano in miniature is the desire to bring back to life this beautiful medieval hill top town, together with its traditions and culture.With the birth of iSculpture the past meets the present binding together tradition with innovation and contemporary art. Starting from the knowledge and the admiration of old traditions and artistic abilities, the project iSculpture actually expresses the will to promote those abilities to make new and valuable works of art. All the artists’ works displayed at the gallery are extraordinary examples of Italian sculptures in the field of ceramics, alabaster, marble, bronze and iron.
Interesting explanation charts trace the evolution in the workmanship of the various materials through centuries; a great journey through the history and development of Italian carving. At the gallery you can now also participate in free ceramic workshops specifically studied for kids. All the objects realized in this workshops will be sold during Christmas period and the money will be used to make a donation to the children’s hospital Meyer in Florence. A further reason to come to San Gimignano and visit the museum!
All culture and history lovers will indeed be enthusiastic! Visiting the new art gallery can so become the good pretext (if one is needed!) to pass a fantastic weekend in the very heart of San Gimignano, in our charming and elegant hotel L’Antico Pozzo! Don’t miss the opportunity to have a great and comfortable stay in the most famous and well known hill top town of Tuscany and Italy! Its great food and wines, together with its unforgettable views will impress upon your memory forever!
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