Parades, duels, drummers, flag bearers and cousine: ” Middle Ages ” in San Gimignano

medioevo a San Gimignano It will be in all respects a day dedicated to a journey into the most authentic medieval past scheduled  Saturday, September 14, 2013 in San Gimignano with the event  ” Middle Ages in Rocca .”manifestazione “Middle Ages in Rocca”.  From morning to night , the imposing fortress “Rocca of Montestaffoli” overlooking the town of a hundred towers , the symbol par excellence of the most authentic medieval Tuscany , it will be at the center of a rich program of events dedicated to the commemoration of the uses and customs in use  when San Gimignano enjoyed its heyday .

The program of events proposed by the Knights of St. Fina will open at 10 am and ends late in the evening at 22 , after a day full of emotions and feelings of the past but always actual within the beautiful village of San Gimignano, natural setting par excellence for representing  medieval life as duels, parades listed , drummers, flag bearers and archers, dances and all that refers to the twelfth century.

Further made ​​attractive by the irresistible charm of a location such as the Rocca di Montestaffoli, “Middle Ages at La Rocca” will hold with bated breath every spectator who on Saturday, September 14 will allow himself  a unique experience in a world heritage site for  one of the main events in 2013 in San Gimignano!

Addition to the extensive program of shows, the event of the Knights of St. Fina offers tourists and visitors a chance to sample cuisine medieval soup with bread, wine and grilled meats served at the counter. The province of Siena and San Gimignano, in particular, are in fact also the ideal place in which to rediscover the ancient recipes used in the Middle Ages, from which he then originated much of the typical Tuscan cuisine.

evento medioevo a San GimignanoHere is a new opportunity not to be missed to enjoy an exciting visit to San Gimignano, home to many hotels in the medieval old town:  twelve uninterrupted hours of great entertainment guaranteed by the performances of the groups Archers of Castelvecchio, the Company Arms of the Rocca of  Montestaffoli , Middle Ages in Dance and Drums of San Gimignano, and all with free admission! In addition, on the evening of 14 September, the center will also host a musical event, with the Concert Band of Florence in collaboration with the Philharmonic Giacomo Puccini scheduled at 21.15 at the Loggia Teatro Leggieri.

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