Rocca of Montestaffoli and San Gimignano events 2015

Rocca San Gimignano The Rocca di Montestaffoli stands on the hill that carries the same name and was very important in the centuries of the Middle Ages when it was owned by the Bishop of Volterra, who ruled the surrounding lands. Near the fortress it was then created that market which made the area’s economy grow exponentially.

San Gimignano was on a strategic location, right on the Via Francigena, which gave it the possibility of prosperous exchanges,  not only with the other Tuscan cities but also with the most prosperous cities in both North and South.

With the passing of years, they began to also think about the security of the Rocca. In 1353 were built two circles of walls and in 1348 were the Florentines to build the Rocca di Montestaffoli as we know it today. La Rocca after an initial moment of wealth, experienced the ruin during the years when in Tuscany there was the power of the Grand Duchy. They were difficult years and the fortress was practically abandoned.

Its period of recession lasted a long, at least until the twentieth century. Even today, the fortress has only its basic structure with the walls: there are in fact totally the rooms and the original environment. Precisely for this is, however, a place of great charm because it offers a remarkable view of the entire village and the beautiful countryside that surrounds it.

The fortress has not been abandoned. During the hottest months the Rocca hosts several concerts and cultural events. 2015 will be no exception by presenting a program of unmissable events:

  • Film review – july 28/29 and august 4/5
  • Traveling festival –  july 31, august 21 and september 18
  • Michela Serra e “The lying down” – august 1
  • Concert for Piano Solo with  musics by Brahms, Chopin and Ivan Morelli’s piano – august 3
  • Festival Artistika – august 7/8
  • Opera Galà 2015  with musics by Mozart, Verdi and Puccini –  august 9
  • Summer lyric by the Philharmonic Giacomo Pucciniof San Gimignano – August 15
  • Secret Garden con arti e musica elettronica – agosto 28

More informations about the program available on the website of the Municipality and the Pro Loco of San Gimignano.

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