The legend of Gallo Nero

Chianti-Classico-Wine-Sign--TuscanyChianti  is one of the most drank and appreciated wine all over the world. In its various denominations is produced throughout the central area of Tuscany. Its composition varies according to the specific discipline, but must always contain a minimum of 70% Sangiovese grapes, the true native grape of Chianti which has built its history of excellence. Among the various production areas, one in particular stands out for its charm and importance: the actual geographical area of Chianti, where they produce the Chianti Classico , also called  “Gallo Nero” for the animal that dominates the center of the emblem.

The legend of the Gallo nero is interesting. During the Middle Ages Florence and Siena were struggling to contend that divided them the land, Chianti. To decide the place where to put the boundary between the two cities then in order to avoid further conflict, decided by mutual agreement an extravagant ruse: two knights would leave the two respective cities to the crowing of the cock, the point where he would meet would become the space bound. Siena took a white cock and fed him abundantly hoping that this would stimulate him to wake up early to sing, while Florence took a black cock and left him without food. Before the sun had risen, the black rooster started to sing for the hungry while  the white one was still asleep sated and happy. Legend has it that this was the reason why all of Chianti was annexed to Florence

Chianti-Classico-Wine-Region--TuscanyChianti is the beating heart of Tuscany. A lush hilly area between Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Here you can see the colors that made the postcards from Tuscany famous all over the world: the blinding yellow of the sunflowers, the soothing green of the rolling hills on which grow lush vineyards, the golden wheat fields and silver of olive groves. The small villages that dot are perfect for a lunch in an ancient atmosphere and lush.

San Gimignano, the the city of towers is one of the most beautiful medieval villages and best preserved in the world, the perfect place to visit not only the beauty of Chianti (just a few miles away), but also the entire central Tuscany. Staying in San Gimignano is the perfect choice to visit Florence, Siena, Volterra, Lucca. You will be in the heart of Tuscany, the Chianti wine to appreciate the excellence of the territory, discover Vernaccia, the first white wine to get the label DOC in Italy, and enjoy our cuisine, surrounded by the beautiful and unique landscapes offered by the our territory.

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