Tuscan street food: 7 specialties not to miss

More than renowned restaurants what really become fashionable in recent years is the street food! Some people have made street food a real culture and Tuscany is one of the first positions of this special ranking.

But what are the best dishes of the street food in Tuscany? Let’s do a quick recap that will make your mouth watering!


Considered by the majority the father of all the street food. We do not want to go that far, but what is certain is that the sandwich with the lamprey is a must, especially in Florence. Tourists and citizens: no one can resist his charm. But what is the lamprey? It is the fourth and final stomach of a cow, cooked long in water along with tomato, onion, parsley and celery, and then served, usually on a crusty bun that has been dipped in the cooking broth.



Need only water, chickpea flour, olive oil and salt to get this “cake” appreciated by vegetarians and vegans. It can be eaten plain or used as a filling for bread and pizza. In Livorno this preparation, served as flatbread, is called “Five and Five”


Do not call them piadinas. The panigacci are an unleavened bread made with flour, water and salt and cooked in earthenware dishes. They are accompanied by a basil sauce or the delicious meats and cheeses from the Tuscan hinterland.

schiacciata-olio-toscanaSchiacciata all’olio

What is better than walking around Florence biting into a slice of “schiacciata all’olio”? It is nothing but the white pizza most famous of Tuscany.
It’s a type of flat bread made with flour, water, yeast, salt and olive oil and its name literally means “squashed”




The fried always has its charm and even Tuscany has its fried street food.  “Coccoli” (or ficatolle or damsels depending on the area) are the fried bread dough  and accompanied with cold cuts and cheese.

Pan co’ Grifi

Is the best-known street-food in Arezzo.It is nothing but a sandwich stuffed with a mixture of lean meats and callused derived from calf Chianina of course!

 We could not conclude without the sweet to munch on the way. Necci are delicious pancakes made with chestnut flour, usually accompanied with ricotta and, the version as most delicious, with chocolate cream and hazelnut.



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