Those who have already visited San Gimignano will certainly have been impressed by the great component historical and traditional of a charming and characteristic village.
Despite the many historical finds, monuments, local crafts, cuisine and traditions, in fact, San Gimignano is also a legend: together we discover the most beautiful ones.

San Gimignano and the fog …
The origins of San Gimignano date back to the distant year 929, during which Hugh of Provence donated to the Bishop of Volterra, who was probably called Gimignano, the mountain called Della Torre. The new owner, frightened by the impending barbaric invasion, caused a thick fog to descend on it to being able to save him and in fact, it is said that in this way he had the best against Tatila.

Santa Fina, today’s patron saint of San Gimignano, lived in the distant year 1200 in a humble and decorous way, inside her small house, which you can still visit today going up Via del Castello from Piazza of the Cisterna.

Her only leisure was to go to Mass and one day, on her usual return, she met a knight who gave her an apple.
Convinced of having fallen into sin, Fina, self-inflicted an exemplary punishment : she had to live motionless on a wooden table in his cellar.
Shortly before she died, she was tempted by the devil, but she was able to resist invoking the protection of San Gregorio. On the day of her death the church bells began to sound autonomously and some yellow flowers to bloom near the village, which still today continue to characterize San Gimignano and lead just the name of “flowers of Santa Fina“.

The Devil’s Tower
Among the towers of San Gimignano that have survived the passing of time, the Devil’s Tower is surely the most famous one, thanks also to the popular virtual game Assassin’s Creed.

This construction is linked to a very particular legend that sees its first owner absent for a long business trip. On his return, however, he noticed that something had changed: the tower had assumed a higher dimension without him having planned work and without anyone being intervened in this regard.
In order to be able to give an explanation, the owner became convinced that the rise of the tower had been a deed of the devil and today the very highest part takes on a sinister aspect esoteric due to the presence of very protruding shelves to the outside.

In short, as you may have understood, visiting San Gimignano is not just a unique experience for regarding the real history and culture of the place but also for this halo of legends and mysteries that there gravitate around. What are you waiting for to book your holiday in San Gimignano? We are waiting!