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E’ con grande piacere e gratitudine che condividiamo alcuni dei tanti commenti e testimonianze di tutti coloro che ci hanno onorato della loro visita e del loro apprezzamento durante questi anni.Per motivi di spazio abbiamo dovuto effettuare una piccola selezione qui sotto riportata.

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kb_wot_logo_new Without a doubt, San Gimignano is one of the most picturesque places in Tuscany: a postcard-perfect hilltop village punctuated by 14 tall towers. During the day, the town bustles with activity, but after the busloads of tourists depart, the romantic ambiance of yesteryear fills the cobbled streets. For the lucky few who spend the night, there is a jewel of small inn… read more

header-logo-tagline L’Antico Pozzo is the choicest inn within the walls, a 15th-century palazzo converted to a hotel in 1990 with careful attention to preserving the structural antiquity without sacrificing modern convenience (guests even have Internet access). The subdued elegance and comfort offer the most medieval-feeling experience in this most medieval of cities….read more

small_lg_shadStep inside – and the hustle and bustle of San Gimignano vanishes. It’s like entering another era: one of grace, elegance and calm…read more

hotelguruArguably the best hotel in this famous walled town, Il Pozzo occupies a 15th-century townhouse which has been carefully restored and tastefully decorated…. read more


Named after the old, softly illuminated pozzo (well), just off the lobby. Each room has its own personality, with thick stone walls, high ceilings, wrought-iron beds, frescoes, antique prints…read more

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This hotel is located in the heart of San Gimignano, known as the “Medieval Manhattan” because of its ancient towers that rule the skyline. The hotel itself is loaded with history…read more


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